Woke Gen Z is very hard on entertainment

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Generation Z? More like the BuZZkill generation.

Thanks to this army of introverted little blamers, the future of TV and movies is even worse than the post-pandemic audience struggles and box office slump.

A chilling new study from UCLA asked Gen Z kids ages 13 to 18, the overgrown corn kids born between 2004 and 2009, about their viewing habits, and the bottom line is pretty much this: anything fun and aggressive. That’s it, enjoy. 90 seconds while you still can.

If the trend continues, soon our favorite escapist diversions will be rarer than a cycle on the freeway or on a New York street corner that doesn’t smell like pot.

You see young people willing to replace Avatar and Elvis with TikTok dances, Little Miss memes and social justice cries. Because the internet and MSNBC don’t provide us with enough of them already. Z demands more!

The study notes that teens “resolutely rejected wishful thinking” — meaning feel-good stories about insignificant people who are richer than they are. Think classic musical comedies like “Anything Goes” or costume dramas like “Downton Abbey.” You know, pleasant things

These Cook kids claim to prefer depressing real-life stories filled with relatable and cheesy issues. That song. Teenagers are obsessed with “Euphoria” on HBO (unless, God forbid, Sidney Sweeney storms into a barn). That series, starring Emmy winner Zendaya, deals with high school drugs, sex, abuse and even “toxic positive” — a phrase that would make me skip town and become a hermit in the Galapagos.

They also go to Netflix’s “Sex Education,” a show that tackles teenage gender identity issues.

Zendaya stars "Satisfaction," One of the few TV shows endorsed by Gen Z.
Zendaya stars in “Euphoria,” one of the few Gen Z-approved TV shows.
Eddie Chen/HBO Max/The Hollywoo
Netflix "Sex Education" Addresses issues that Gen Z cares about.
Netflix’s “Sex Education” addresses issues that Gen Z cares about.

Watch out for ‘Dragon House’, about fictional and incestuous royal families. General Z wants you to jump in the fire.

Of course, if they are actually watching TV or movies. A 2021 Deloitte survey found that only 10% of Gen Zers ranked those past times as their No. 1 choice for home entertainment, unlike other previous generations. These dweebs prefer intellectual activities such as social media, web browsing, and video games.

That this is still true in 2022 is shocking. Over the past several years, we’ve all become very familiar with the scroll of doom, raging online arguments, and forgetting how to talk to other human beings. Wise adults are already trying to repair the damage. Yet Gen Z wants to push the knife even further—they stare at their phones all day, obsess over the news, and see entertainment as repulsive and evil.

I think we can hope that as they get older, they grow out of it and pick up a little taste. After all, the counterculture hippies of yesteryear are now looking forward to “In the Rosenkavalier” at the Met. And I hope to never be exposed to millions of 45-year-old men and women filming themselves doing the yarn dance.

But youth-obsessed Hollywood is so prone to knee-jerk reactions these days that big, disruptive changes are likely on the way. Soon, every TV show and movie will be numbingly bland and boring, aimed at an audience that doesn’t even watch them.

Meanwhile, you and I regal our grandkids with “comedy” and “sci-fi” stories while they cancel us on Snapchat.

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