Will hydrogen boilers be the future of home heating?

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Hydrogen is fast becoming a popular solution to our greenhouse gas problems. When it can be contained cheaply, it should pave the way for a greener future.

The UK government is committed to achieving its carbon neutrality target. Since natural gas is a major contributor, it is likely that low-carbon alternatives such as hydrogen will replace it in the coming years.

The main advantage of a hydrogen-ready boiler is that it can continue to burn natural gas until more hydrogen gas is available. This allows the country to switch to low-carbon, low-disruption home heating options.

Viessmann or Worcester Bosch currently have hydrogen-ready boilers for sale that can handle up to a 20% hydrogen mixture.

The best thing is this The cost of these new boilers Like older versions of natural gas, so you don’t have to worry about extortionate prices.

Why has hydrogen received so much positive attention?

Using hydrogen as a fuel has many advantages.

  • Pollutants contain zero carbon
    Fossil fuels including coal, oil and natural gas all emit carbon dioxide from their combustion. This is one of the main causes of global climate change. On the other hand, hydrogen does not produce carbon dioxide and helps the family reduce carbon emissions.
  • Gas infrastructure already in place could be used to supply hydrogen to homes in the UK
    One of the best things about hydrogen is that you only need to change your fuel source. So it’s easier and faster for everyone to use. It is also much cheaper than installing a new heating system.
  • Hydrogen is more efficient than gas
    There is the same amount of energy in 1 kg of hydrogen as in 2.8 kg of gas. This means that hydrogen has better energy efficiency. You can heat homes just as well with less fuel.

Hydrogen boilers avoid the dreaded boiler ban

In the UK, a ban on gas boilers will come into force in 2025. After that date, all new homes built must have an alternative heating system. This ban does not apply to houses built before 2025.

If you buy a gas boiler now, you can probably use it for its entire life, which is about 10 to 15 years. When gas boilers are finally discontinued, you can heat your home using a heat pump (at least partially as a hybrid system) or a hydrogen boiler.

Most UK homes have gas boilers for heating. Heat pumps and solar pumps are expensive and complicated to install and may not provide the same level of heating. That is why ready-made hydrogen boilers are considered as a suitable solution. They can use existing infrastructure and engineers. As an added bonus, their prices are likely to be affordable.

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Why use hydrogen as fuel?

Hydrogen fuel can be delivered using the existing gas infrastructure which connects to 8 out of 10 homes in the UK. Industry experts agree that it is easier to switch fuel in any home than in a central heating system.

Currently, the Environmental Audit Committee is evaluating the feasibility of delivering hydrogen to homes using the gas grid.

Top Worcester manufacturers Bosch and Viessmann are currently working on hydrogen or hydrogen boilers. These boilers can burn natural gas as well as hydrogen.

But how about installation and repair?

Hydrogen boilers look similar to today’s gas boilers and are also installed in the same way. They are connected to the main gas network and then fed with hydrogen or other natural gas.

The internal components of hydrogen boilers are very similar to current gas boilers, making them easy for heating engineers to install and repair.

Boiler components that may differ from a standard gas boiler include the hydrogen ready burner and flame detector.

Gas safety engineers are expected to receive new training on hydrogen gas and the installation of hydrogen gas boilers when the gas network becomes hydrogen-based.

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Can I get a ready-made hydrogen boiler now?

Most new boilers sold in the UK are now hydrogen ready. If you are not sure, talk to the installation company about which boiler is hydrogen ready and more importantly which boiler is best for you. Home. You can choose from a wide range of combination boilers, system boilers or conventional boilers. Your engineer can advise on the best size and option for your home’s heating needs.

Have you switched to a hydrogen boiler yet?

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Switching to a hydrogen boiler can help your family reduce carbon emissions.  Here's a quick guide to the benefits of hydrogen boilers.

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